How do you put a price tag on a relationship?

At Divining Point, we don’t prescribe packaged deals based on a certain dollar amount. Instead we develop successful partnerships. We approach each engagement with fresh eyes and a goal to understand the client and their needs. We invest in our clients’ success and provide value that inspires them to reciprocate with continued business.

Just as it is in the professional services industry, you get what you pay for when it comes to branding and demand generation. Think of it like a construction project – shoddy design, low-quality materials and quick construction may get the project finished, but will it stand the test of time? On the other hand, hiring a renowned architect, sourcing high-quality materials and recruiting an experienced contractor all add up to a project completed with precision and finesse.

We aren’t the cheapest. We don’t offer bargain prices just to throw something together, wipe our hands, and walk away from you. Our pricing reflects our respect for your business, our desire to see you succeed, and an agreement that we’re in this relationship to build a rock solid foundation for your brand.

How we determine our pricing

Our rates reflect a variety of different inputs and will also be influenced by your desired outputs. We typically price client engagements based on a project scope or a revolving monthly engagement with a broad range of services. Most monthly budgets land in the  $5,000-$10,000/month range.

The following three factors will determine your final cost:


Your Budget

As we mentioned above, you get what you pay for. A budget on the lower end of our range will yield different outcomes than one at the higher-end. We’re happy to accommodate your budget, but we just need to understand your parameters and goals. If both of us are transparent from the beginning – about your budget and how far it will take you – we’ll avoid “operating room” pricing, with little bits of scope being added on-demand at premium rates.


Your Goals

We’re strong proponents of sales and marketing teams working together. As your marketing consultant, we want our strategy to be driven by your sales goals. If you have a certain revenue target, we want to know it. From that number, we’ll work backward to figure out our goals for:

• Website traffic
• Conversion rate
• Number of qualified leads

This will be a team effort from both parties – you and us. Ultimately it will result in a plan that delivers the right amount of web traffic to hit your sales goal and consequently build customer loyalty.


Competitive Benchmarking

One of the reasons we don’t sell package deals is that every industry, and client, is different. If we applied the same “one-size-fits-all” deal to every client, how would they cut through the digital noise and truly showcase their unique intangible value?

As an example, one of our clients is a SaaS mobile app and another client is a civil engineering firm. Both companies offer an intangible service, but operate in completely different arenas. Imagine if we tried to apply the mobile app marketing strategy to the civil engineering firm? Promoting a civil engineering firm in an app store sounds like a recipe for disaster. We approached both clients by thinking about their customers and their competition to determine each unique strategy, which resulted in different plans and budgets.