Our Mission

Our mission is to build greater trust in the marketplace by helping companies fulfill the promises they make to their customers. As such, we wake up every morning to generate demand for our clients’ services and cultivate brand loyalty.

Our Story

Service is intangible. Today’s customer has choices and volumes of information at their fingertips. With no physical product to hold or observe, it’s near impossible to determine what value a buyer will get with your service. That’s where your brand, reputation, and relationships come into play. Customers buy a brand. When faced with a choice between no-name companies, customers either won’t move forward or they’ll make a purchase for purely personal reasons.

In 2013, we noticed that some really smart folks weren’t getting the attention they deserved, nor the sales they needed. Their brands were poorly defined, and their marketing efforts were almost non-existent. Divining Point was born to build brands and generate demand for the companies who have a vested interest in stronger client relationships. With over 20+ years experience in B2B and B2C service, we understand the difficulties your company experiences in earning new business.

We’re a full-service agency with a goal of helping companies discover their story and then share it with the world.

Divining Point, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Think of us as a compass that guides you in the right direction. Whether you’re seeking a total change in course or you need help navigating a new marketing strategy, we help you find success fast.