You Sell Service.
An Intangible Benefit.

Your brand is a promise you keep with your customers. In order to bring them to the table you must demonstrate value before, during and after the sale.

Even if you sell a product, or deliver professional services, your worth is an intangible benefit measured by the quality and excellence of your performance.

Transform your business with a strategy that builds demand for your service and creates raving fans. Divining Point creates solutions to attract new leads and generate more sales for your company.

How We Work

What We Do

We Make Your Brand Look Great. Then We Drive Buyers to Your Door.


Articulating your company’s value requires an in-depth understanding about what distinguishes you from the other guys (and gals). Without a product that can be easily experienced before the sale, your brand must quickly reassure a customer’s decision to buy.

From business strategy to brand identity, we translate your company’s primary promise into a message that is engaging and enticing.

Demand Generation

You can’t rest on your laurels. Leads must be developed. Customer outreach and inbound marketing serve to build awareness and demand for your  company. Without a system in place to engage buyers at every stage of the journey you’ll see sales wane and revenue drop.

Our campaigns are designed to communicate with your target market with  various touch points across multiple platforms.

What We've Accomplished

What We've Accomplished

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Who We've Served

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What We Think

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